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High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging accurately captures, store, manipulate and finally visualise a wide range of real-world luminances and colours gamut which allows to increase the colour depth when compared with traditional 8-10-bits digital imaging.

XDepth® technology today, provides a vast range of solutions to the HDR Imaging field to satisfy the continuous increasing demand for high precision and colour depth as requested in the modern and future TV’s, movie’s production, game technology and mobile applications.

XDepth® is working to make the future today, bringing the features of the HDR Imaging to the today consumer and technology markets. This will allow simulating real life light and colours bringing to the end-user a real life experience that is by far greater than what experienced today with the modern HD-TV.

To achieve this XDepth (Trellis Management Co. Ltd), as member of JPEG standard organization, is working to make its technology part of the JPEG standard. Recent Collaborations includes:

XDepth® is a technology and software brand of Trellis Management Co. Ltd. Trellis Management Co. Ltd. is a privately held company focusing on technology IP's licensing, acquisition and sale. http://www.trellis-mgmt.com

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