About XDepth 48
Image formats like Tiff, Targa, PNG and others are employed within several application fields for their support of a higher bit depth. Not long after its first appearance, Jpeg 2000 gradually earned its place among the high-precision formats thanks to its high compression rates, although not compatible with its predecessor, Jpeg-1.

XDepth 48 takes advantage of the unique XDepth image reconstruction technology in order to compress high-precision images, up to 16bit per-component, without noticeable artifacts.

XDepth 48 not only allows regular Jpeg files to store more data but it also compresses high-depth images efficiently. Compression ratios at 48bit/pixel with RGB components span from 5:1 to up to 50:1 and more, making high precision imaging much more manageable, Jpeg-compatible and more precise compared to other lossy solutions.

Unlike Jpeg-1 and Jpeg 2000, XDepth 48 artifacts produced at extremely high compression ratios are much less noticeable than those introduced by the Jpeg family. This results in no "blocking" artifacts, as in Jpeg-1, nor "blurriness" as seen with Jpeg 2000. XDepth 48 is even capable of reconstructing fine noise when present in the original, uncompressed source image.

As high-depth digital imaging is becoming more and more "mainstream" and even hitting the wider consumer market, adopting the most recognized image format and compression standard becomes paramount for interoperability among diverse industries, users and applications.

XDepth brings high-precision features into the mainstream Jpeg format transparently allowing for a smooth, global transition towards high definition and high fidelity imaging.

If you want to experience the power and efficiency of XDepth-48 algorithm Download XDepth RAW Converter from Products section and begins to convert your 48-bit images in our format.

48 Bit TIFF Uncompressed

Resolution: 6088 x 4550

Size: 166Mb

Click on image for a sample (20Mb)

XDepth 48

Resolution: 6088 x 4550

Size: 17Mb

Click on image for a sample (20Mb)