The XDepth Solution for HDR video projection
Available commercial solutions do not exploit HDR information.
Trellis Management Co. Ltd has developed a new video projection system which leverages on current and standard technologies for exploiting the HDR technology with efficiency and ease.
The results, as it can be elicited by the following figures, increase the overall contrast and fine details in images and videos when compared to the classic video projection solution and available commercial solutions. XDepth solution enhances the projection for classic 8-bit per color channel footage and HDR footage encoded using the XDepth-HDR algorithm.

HDR-Boost is a feature of the XDepth Video Player which allows enhancing lighting details in non HDR video footage.
The next examples show the reproduction of non HDR video footage using the HDR-Boost feature.
This feature is specific for LDR video footage.

Some examples comparing the XDepth solutions follow.
Examples are made against the classic video projection solution:

The Classic Video Projection Solution.

XDepth Solution: the appearance of the image results more realistic and it is richer in fine details which can be appreciated by the final user.

The Classic Video Projection Solution.

XDepth Solution: the original contrast is correctly reproduced.
Original HDR image sequence courtesy of: Jay Burlage