About XDepth Texture Compression
Very useful on tablet PC and embedded systems, XDepth compressed texture can also be used on common PC allowing a very low memory usage and increasing the image quality of your products.

- Easy implementation, Fast and easy hardware/software implementation for compression/decompression using shaders or CUDA language.

- Floating point texture, By using XDepth compression technology, floating point textures (recovered from XDepth-compressed textures) can be used on devices where they are not supported natively or only a limited support is provided.

- Texture filtering, Usually most OpenGL ES implementations will not allow texture filtering for floating-point textures (only nearest-filtering is permitted). XDepth tecnology can easily overcome this limitation.

- Low memory usage, Very useful for tablet PC or Tegra systems. Textures can be further compressed in DXT1/DXT5 format, allowing for an higher compression ratio (at the cost of image quality).

- Fast texture loading, XDepth compressed texture are loaded faster than original textures.

- Fast tone mapping, fast linear tone mapping can be used with XDepth HDR compressed data.

Example application

Normal image exposure, XDepth-HDR image in PNG format is 33% smaller than original HDR image.

Image under exposed, XDepth-HDR image in DXTC format is 92% smaller than original HDR image.

Tone mapped image. This tone mapping is based on XDepth compression technology.